Sermons from recent weeks are available below. We keep a library of sermons on CD; these are available from Jen Boston. We normally only publish sermons preached by our elders and visiting ministers; this means that occasionally there may be weeks missing from the list below.

We are currently testing broadcasting our services live

Sermons prior to 2008 are available here

Some of the older series of sermons are available below:
The complete "Joseph" series is now available on line here
The complete "Jesus as King" series is now available here
The complete "What does the early church look like?" series is now available here
The earlier parts of the "Life of Moses" series are available here with the later parts all now available below.

Recent sermons

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28 Aug 2016Sun PMPeter Bentley-TaylorMatt 5:1-10The Peacemakers
28 Aug 2016Sun AMPeter Bentley-TaylorMatt 5:1-12The Pure in Heart
21 Aug 2016Sun PMSab PhiriJob 39The Sovereignty of God
21 Aug 2016Sun AMJames YoungGen 2:4-25God's Creation Of Woman
14 Aug 2016Sun PMSpeaker GuestExodus 1:1-2:25Exodus 1&2
14 Aug 2016Sun AMSpeaker GuestJohn 11:1-44The raising of Lazarus
7 Aug 2016Sun PMStephen Ayre2 JohnTruth and Love in 2 John
7 Aug 2016Sun AMPaul WattsMatthew 16:1-28I will build my Church- part 2
31 Jul 2016Sun PMTrevor ThomasActs 11:19-30Barnabas the Encourager
31 Jul 2016Sun AMPaul WattsMatthew 16:13-28I will build my church
24 Jul 2016Sun PMPaul WattsPhilippians 4:10-23True contentment
24 Jul 2016Sun AMBen RowellGen 11:1-9Gods judgement at Babel
17 Jul 2016Sun AMPaul WattsGenesis 9:18-29Don't put saints on pedestals
17 Jul 2016GuestSpeaker GuestDifferent races or one human family?
10 Jul 2016Sun PMPaul WattsPhil 3:17-4Joyful always, anxious never.
10 Jul 2016Sun AMJames YoungGen.9v1-17Unshakeable Commitment